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Only One I Love

Have you heard my new single #Only One I Love?  Make sure that you check it out on #Reverbnation or #Soundcloud.  Produced by The Unfadeablez.  Lesss go!!! Now playing on Soundcloud Also playing on Reverbnation
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Watch the Throne 4

Watch the Throne 4 - Live & Direct on Caffeine TV! Let's give it up for the ladies ( in my Babs voice 🎤😎)!!! Today is a great day for Battle Rap!   If you watched Kings vs. Queens last month, then you know that the ladies of Battle Rap have been coming strong and are not to be underestimated!  With me being a Female Emcee, I never understood why it always has to come to a guy vs. girl thing or " She's good for a chick, but... " or why females are sometimes automatically looked at as the lesser or weaker of the sex... like why can't it just be about Rap or the Bars ?  Who cares if she's a Female... if she's dope or it's just good music ...enjoy it for what it is ( yeah that part! )!    Anyways...I say all that to say ...I'm glad that the Queen of the Ring is out here taking their respect!!!   And URL is showing love by giving them their platform to do it.  Especially during these times, everyone needs all the support they can get, you feel m

Roc vs Mook Something ain't right/Watch the Throne 4 is coming

URL/Queen of the Ring Presents...Watch the Throne 4 on November 14th! Before we get to that though, let's talk about Tay Roc vs. Mook... I'm going to keep it real... at first watch , I thought the first round started off kind of slow for both, but I gave the first round to Mook. Second was close, but I gave it to Roc and the third was all Mook ( clear ).  The 3rd was so fire 🔥🔥🔥!!!   So overall I had Mook winning 2-1.   What's crazy is that the URL start doing this live poll voting on Caffeine, where the fans can vote in real time, each round.  I saw when the votes started coming in during the first round and Mook's votes started pouring in quick!!!  What was crazy is that when Mook's votes started going up, all of a sudden the name changed to Tay Roc and then Mook's votes was pushed out the way and then Roc's votes started going up 🤔.  To me it looked kind of weird, almost like a glitch, because Tay Roc's name didn't even show up until Mook was

Murda vs. Dracula?

Murda Mook vs. Tay Roc is going down today, October 31st!   Will Roc show up as Dracula like he did against Daylyt?    Those that seen Roc vs Lyt know that match went down as one of ( if not the best ) battles of the year!  It was one of the first times that Roc battled as his persona Dracula, and with the return of Daylyt , they both helped raise the bar on the Caffeine app as well as battle rap altogether!  Most of us fans can agree , that this was definitely one of the best Tay Roc's and one of the best Daylyt's that we've ever seen!!!     If you missed that battle, here is a recap from BattleRapsFanatic on YouTube:    Now back to Mook and Roc ... Will Dracula make his return or will Roc have to get in a different bag to go against Murda?    Mook is considered the OG in this, and although he doesn't battle as nearly as much as Roc , we know that Mook can really rap when he's focused and is good at coming up with angles!  Plus he put in the work he needed to b

Kings vs. Queens

Awww it's going down today!  URL Kings vs. the Queens of Queen of the Ring!  Did you see the Face off's last night?   Ooooweeee it was entertaining!  Tsu Surf was clowning with his face off with 40.  The way he brought out the table cloth and lunchables lol.  I can't wait to see what they do today.  On a side note, I think Surf and 40 would make a cute couple! 👀   Rum Nitty and C3 got interesting...a lot of controversy over what Rum said about C3 trying to commit suicide.  Some are saying maybe Rum was in his feelings so that's why he said what he said.  I don't know.  I just think at the end of the day, battle rap is battle rap and at times it ain't meant to be pretty!  Like they say , if you can't stand the heat, keep your ass up out the kitchen!  I'm definitely interested in seeing how they match up! Swamp vs. Casey Jay...honestly I have seen bits and pieces of both of their battles, but I don't know them like that, so I'm ready to see how

Battle Rap Shit

Ok so if you peeped my last post, you know that Summer Madness popped off a few weeks ago!  So let's get right into it... K-Shine and Chess's battle was FIRE!!!!!!!   If you missed it, I don't know what to tell you.  You may be able to find a few clips here and there, but URL don't play that...they take down unapproved content quicker than a MF lol.  But if you have the URL APP ( $8 per month ), the battle will most likely drop there before it drops on YouTube ( if it even drops on YouTube at all ).   Anyways, back to Shine and Chess.  Chess came and did his thing!  He had a few stumbles, but every round he came back fighting.  Chess was in his bag...but dammit K-SHINE WAS IN HIS SUITECASE!!!  K-Shine's energy and how he delivered his rounds gave me goose bumps.  He just went to another level.   Here is a recap of their battle :    Another dope match up was B-Dot and T-Top .   I didn't get a chance to see all of this one ( dam phone call lol ), but this one

Summer Madness 10 (Face Offs)

Summer Madness 10 is going down today!  They recently made the announcement that Murda Mook vs. Brizz Rawsteen is a no go, but they do have some other dope matches lined up! Calicoe vs. Aye Verb K-Shine vs. Chess Geechi Gotti vs. Charlie Clips John John Da Don vs. ILL Will B. Dot vs. T-Top Rum Nitty vs. Reed Dollaz Bill Collector vs. Holmzie Da God Did you watch the Face-offs last night ?  Here are some videos of it I found on YouTube.  Why was Chess whyling like that ?  Lol.  He better go awwwwffff then and keep that same energy today before K-Shine " Zip 'em up " 🤐!!!  Summer Madness  - today, September 19th at 4 pm eastern only on the Caffeine App . Check out the Face-offs below ( hosted by Jay Blac ): To check out Summer Madness, make sure that you download the Caffeine App from your App store or go to  www.Caffeine.TV .  When you get there...make sure you follow me  @TazDatMC  😉. For more videos on the Road to Summer Madness, click here   and peep my

Are you a battle rap fan?

I know that 2020 and Covid-19 has changed the world as we once knew it.  From the required face masks to shortage of toilet paper & cleaning supplies to how we now handle food, public gatherings and events.  2020 was supposed to be a big year for a lot of people, artists and companies, but that quickly changed as soon as the new year hit! We are now in the fourth quarter of the year and people are still adjusting to the new norm.  One thing that has seemed to not " skip a beat " though is Battle Rap!  Yeah the way that it is now being viewed and delivered is different, but cats like Smack and URL TV have still managed to keep the culture alive during this pandemic.  Although nothing will ever compare to actually " being in the building " at a live event, URL TV has teamed up with Caffeine, and they have now made it possible to view live battles via the Caffeine App.  What's also dope is that you can also see these battles for FREE!  YES FOR FREE!!!  In the p