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Other Projects:

Streetz Originated I (2003)
Streetz Originated II (2004)
Schitzo the Unfinished LP (2004-2005)
Tha Product (2007) - Album
Streetz Originated III (2008)
Livin' out tha Flesh Mixtape - Hosted by Slip N Slide DJ J Chase (2009)
Seattle Splash Mixtape - Hosted by Funk Daddy (2009)
Seattle Reigns (2009) - Album
Open Fire Vol I (2009)
Fresh Fridays Vol I (2009)
2000Shine Vol I (2009)
Spit Don't Swallow (2018) - EP
Tell 'Em (2019) - Single
Heart Cry (2019) - Single
Only One I Love (2020) - Single
Linda Flows (Coming Spring 2020) - EP
The Greenhouse Effect (Coming Summer 2020) - EP

Notable Magazine Features/Radio Interviews (conducted by Tazzy for Streetz Radio, Royalty Magazine and/or Hemp Life Magazine):

The Artifacts
B Dubb (Negast Ent)
Bam from Hux Fam
Big Gov Mattic (RIP)
Big S.I.N.
Cherie Johnson (Punky Brewster, Family Matters)
Copywrite (Man Bites Dog/ODOT Records)
DJ Ronin
E-Moe (Pay$tyle)
Freakinigton (Redd Arme)
Hop Da Great
J Chase (Slip N Slide DJ)
LB Fam
Levy @ Lyon Pride Music
Loud Money Ent.
Masta Ace
Mr. Cream
Mr. D.O.G.
O.C. (D.I.T.C.)

Pat Gallo aka Divine Bars
Ras Kass
Runt Dawg (GillaHouse)

Se7en Davis Jr.
Sev Da Producer

Wordsworth (EMC)
Xing N Fox (Def Rugs)
Yukmourh (Da Luniz)
And More...

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New Music Coming Soon...

What's good peeps?  If you aren't following me on Instagram, well you should 😝😜!

I will also be back on twitter as well as Facebook soon.  Just search for me @TazDatMC on either social network to follow me and stay updated on the latest and greatest :).

In the meantime...I am back in the studio and I have new music coming soon!  Stay tuned!!! 😝😜

Tell 'Em is official!

What:  Tell 'Em (by TazDatMC; produced by the Unfadeablez)

When:  Available today, Friday, November 15th, 2019

Where:  On most Digital Platforms. Click here or visit

Last year TazDatMC finally released her long awaited EP "Spit Don't Swallow".  SDS received love from people all around the love.  Existing supporters were excited to see Tazzy release new music, while new fans were simply amazed at her lyrical skill. 

Fast forward to November 2019... Tazzy is back in the studio, working on a new project as well as collaborating with various Artists & Producers!  "Tell 'Em" is just a sample of what's yet to come! 

TazDatMC says:

The story behind the song is simple... "Tell Em" what I said because I'm coming! In being a Hiphop Lyricist (in addition to being a Female Rapper), I feel a lot of times I am pushed to the side or not taken seriously. Music is my therapy and Tell 'Em is just me expressing my love for the Cultu…