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Spit Don't Swallow - Summer 2016

Yes it's been along time coming but I am back and I am working on releasing my EP "Spit Don't Swallow" this summer!  

In the meantime, please support the movement by pre-ordering my upcoming single "Money" and I will throw in a FREE copy of Hemp Life or Royalty Magazine plus a special bonus! 

To pre-order my upcoming single "Money", please visit or click here.All you have to do is make a donation of at least $5 (to Street Thoughts) and put #Money in the comment section to pre-order my single.  You can also contact for more info!

What have I been up to?  Well, taking a break from music because of life & dealing with other people's shenanigans made me realize that acknowledging other peoples BS just created my own drama!  I spent so much time trying to "build" with people who just didn't have the same passion.  Or basically they had bad intentions, didn't take me seriously, wa…