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As you can imagine funding music, a magazine and business with no major backing can be costly.  I work everyday just to pay the bills so funding my dreams at times can be difficult.  However, I feel that I have been blessed with talent and am willing to work hard & sacrifice to accomplish my goals.  Please check out my music on

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I am also on ITunes, Rhapsody, IheartRadio and more...

Make a donation if you feel it in your heart!  

Click here or visit to make a donation (put Tazzy in comment/note section).  I am trying to raise money for shows/traveling opportunities, promotional material, beats, etc.  Your support is needed as well as greatly appreciated! 

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A MicSexual Moment:

Okay so I just recently came back from doing a show in Vallejo, California. It's been awhile since I've performed so I was nervous at first 👀, but honestly I had so much to do before the show, I didn't have time to sleep or let my nerves kick all the way in the day before I left. The show was on a Saturday night, so Friday I was up early morning running around, working on projects for my hiphop collective, practicing for the show as well as working on tracks for my upcoming studio session 😝🎤. It was go time so I didn't fall asleep until 3 in the morning and then I was back up at 4 am so I could leave to catch my flight ✈. I was scared to really go to sleep because I didn't want to miss my flight, so I figured I would go to sleep when I got on the plane...boy was I wrong! 😐 So we didn't leave until the same day I was doing my show, but luckily we started early morning.  Not only did our flight get delayed once...or twice...but it actually got delayed thr

Tell Em is dropping Friday

What's good peeps?  My #NewSingle #TellEm is dropping Friday, November 15th!!! Produced by the homey #TheUnfadeablez and will be Available on most Digital Platforms Here is a sample below.  More new music coming soon... If you aren't following me on Instagram , well you should 😝😜!      ~Stay Connected~  @TazDatMC @TeamTazzy206 @the_unfadeablez_ode @hiphopprodigies

New Single "Heart Cry"

Have you heard my new single #HeartCry?  Make sure that you check it out on #Reverbnation or #Soundcloud.  Produced by #StashJones from the UK.  Lesss go!!! ^^^Player not working above?  Click one of the links below: