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TazDatMC- "Spit Don't Swallow" EP -
Click here to order the Hard Copy (available June 21st)
*EP is available for $8

You can also stream a few songs off of Spit Don't Swallow on most digital platforms.

Help Push Hiphop!  Click here to support Tazzy and/or make a donation to her movement.  Your support is much appreciated!  #MuchLove

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New Music Coming Soon...

What's good peeps?  If you aren't following me on Instagram, well you should 😝😜!

I will also be back on twitter as well as Facebook soon.  Just search for me @TazDatMC on either social network to follow me and stay updated on the latest and greatest :).

In the meantime...I am back in the studio and I have new music coming soon!  Stay tuned!!! 😝😜